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Classic Series

Common Features of the Classic Series:
  • Steel tube frame; welded for years of noise free service. Lighter weight than tubular aluminum frames
  • Durable
  • Ten to fifteen minutes to install or remove the Classic base

Base accessories available:
  • Oxygen
  • Air
  • Vacuum
  • Electrical service; 110 vac, 220 vac, 28 vac

  • Honeycomb plate with tubular aluminum frame
  • Four point harness, lap and leg belts
  • Simple locking mechanism to the Classic base
  • Upper torso (back rest) raises and lowers using an exceptionally strong mechanism
  • Patient backrest is the correct length to support the patient’s back and neck
  • Folding IV pole
  • Optional extra wide stretcher available

All orders are custom built so most features can be added or deleted from any presented configuration.

Product Features for both the Medstar & Classic series bases

Base unit:
  • True 10 minute installation and removal
  • Designs for modest floor to ceiling height aircraft
  • Optional custom bases with drawer or shelf storage capacity
  • Specific units for installation over rear fold down seats or center spars

  • Remote fill port. Fill port mounted on the face or end of the base. The oxygencylinder remains secured.
  • 3500 to 10000 liters capacity
  • Flow meter and high pressure outlets
  • Easy to read Oxygen Remaining gauge
  • Oxygen outlets; flow meter receptacle, 50 psi DISS, special order outlets
  • Optional European High Pressure cylinders and plumbing
  • Optional Kevlar tanks available

Electrical Inverter:
  • 115 vac and 230 vac inverters
  • 330 watts through 1500 watts
  • Two or four electric outlets on the face or end cap of the base unit
  • Simple wiring to the aircraft electric bus
  • Lighted On / Off switches or Optional Digital Display
  • Circuit breaker protected.
  • Wiring Kit. The Wiring Kit carries electric power from the aircraft electricalsystem to the aircraft cabin for connection to the Medstar or Classic base unitinverter. The wiring kit has a relay, wiring, canon plug and instructions. Thewiring kit is installed by the aircraft’s technicians.

Vacuum (Suction) Pump and Compressed Air Pump:
  • Pumps are wired for 28v aircraft power operation. Pumps are independent of inverter operation
  • Vacuum pump develops 20 inches (508 mm) Hg of suction at 3.3 amps
  • Compressed air pump delivers 19.8 liters per minute at 3.3 amps
  • Convenient lighted On / Off switch
  • Medical gas outlet
  • Circuit breaker protected

Stretcher and Mattress, Comfort and Stability for the Patient:
  • Stretcher is built from honeycomb and tubular steel
  • Mattress is fire blocked and covered in a very durable fabric
  • Mattress padding is available from 2” thick to 6” thick
  • Stretcher locks into the base unit the same as car doors close and lock
  • Four point upper torso harness and lap and leg belts
  • Stretcher is tapered head and foot, preventing scraping the aircraft doorseals and side walls
  • Extra wide stretchers available for larger patients

Accessories & Features:
  • Up to four drawers or shelves in a base unit
  • Locking base unit shelves / drawers
  • Equipment storage cabinets for easy retrieval of stored equipment
  • Lip and curtain restraint
  • Overhead and vertical Patient Care Centers
  • Outlets for air, oxygen, vacuum and electrical
  • Flexible LED lighting to assist with patient care
  • No across the patient cables
  • No across the stretcher platform inhibiting stretcher loading and unloading
  • Mounting tracks, bars, & shelves for equipment
  • Available as permanent installation to the aircraft wall or as part of the base unit

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