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Convertible Medical Executive Divan

This product was officially introduced to the market at the 2018 NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) Annual Meeting & Convention in Orlando. Two units have already been sold, to be installed in a Gulfstream IV.

The convertible divan will replace an existing divan or couch in any helicopter or business jet. It is certified as a three or four place unit, usable in all phases of flight. The typical passenger will not know that it is anything more than a normal divan.

If the aircraft needs to be used as an air ambulance, all the user has to do is remove the seat cushions, fold the base unit / stretcher down out of the divan backrest, and load the patient. The oxygen, air pump, vacuum pump, and inverter are mounted in the base of the unit. This convertible divan has everything that is in our dedicated air ambulance units.

This is the perfect system for a business jet where the owner wants to be prepared at all times any place in the world. In normal operations the divan functions as standard seating with no one ever knowing that it can be converted to a full air ambulance unit in a matter of minutes.

This is also the perfect solution for the helicopter operator that may occasionally need an air ambulance setup.

The images below show the prototype that was on display at NBAA. Any divan going into a customer’s aircraft will be upholstered in material style and colors to match that aircraft.

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